FACE 4th Year Anniversary

Every class has their own kind of game. The preschool and kindergarten did coloring games, writing games in grade 1&2, word search in grade 3, spelling bee in grade 4, matching games in grade 5 and multiple choice in grades 6-9. All of the games are related to the learning activities they have in FACE.

Each of the student received coupon based on the number of their attendance. They exchanged their coupon with gift items according to the points they have in their coupon.

The program was ended by the ceremony of blowing the candle of the donut-made cake and they sang happy birthday FACE to celebrate.

And because that day was “Hari Sumpah Pemuda”, Hope Central and the neighborhood of Klampis Ngasem worked together in making the community’s program namely, “Jalan Sehat, Senam  and Lomba-Lomba” which also held the same day. Some of the students of FACE also joined in the said activities.

We know that there is a promise, that if we will not weary of doing good, we will reap the harvest in the future.

If you have a heart to teach children and desire to serve the community, you are welcome here. All you need to do is to register by clicking the button “become a volunteer”  or you can contact us through our landline 031 5351177.

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